Getting Started

Snowshoeing is the easiest of winter sports to learn - if you can walk, you can snowshoe! Here are a few tips for getting started:

  1. Get comfortable taking your snowshoes on and off from the comfort and warmth of your home before hitting the trails (it is is much easier than trying them on for the first time at the trail head, we promise).
  2. Check the weather and dress appropriately for the outdoors - see What to Wear.
  3. Start somewhere familiar to you, like a local trail or park – see Find Trails.
  4. Try an out-and-back hike and judge your fitness level honestly - snowshoeing should take a little more effort than a similar distance hike.
  5. Take a few minutes at the start of your hike to get used to the feeling of walking with snowshoes. Even with today's compact, athletic shapes, your snowshoes will have a wider footprint than a regular pair of shoes. A quick adjustment to a wider stance will allow a smooth gait without stepping on your own snowshoe. With a few minutes of practice, you'll already be an expert snowshoer.
  6. When backing up or turning sharply, pick your feet up higher to keep the snowshoe tail from sticking in the snow.
  7. Have fun! There are no rules in snowshoeing, except to enjoy the outdoors!