Going Downhill

Traction does more than just get you to the peak; it also makes coming back down safe and secure. Heel traction is the key to an easy descent, giving the weighted part of your snowshoes a solid hold in the snow. Here are a few useful tips for descending in snowshoes:

  1. Keep knees slightly bent and keep weight over your heels to maintain grip and control.
  2. Use poles to provide additional points of contact for an even easier descent.
  3. When using longer length snowshoes, take shorter strides to keep the longer tail of the snowshoe from levering on the snow as it makes contact.
  4. If your snowshoes start to slide in soft spring or summer snow, spread out your stance fore and aft and glide your way to the bottom. Enjoy the glide!
  5. Snowshoes with turned up tails will roll through the stride more comfortably.

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