Eben Ice Cave Trail

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Eben, MI
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Additional Notes/Directions:

Starting in downtown Marquette, travel south on US 41 and M 28 approximately five miles to the stop light in Harvey . Stay in the right hand lane and proceed south on US 41 towards Escanaba. Travel south on US 41 approximately twelve miles to M 94. Make a left hand turn on M 94 and travel east towards Chatham , MI. Continue east on M 94 for approximately 12 miles to the small town of Eben and the junction of M 94 and Eben Road. The New Moon Bar will be on your left and Superior Central Schools will be on your right. Make a left hand turn at the New Moon Bar and travel north to Frey Road (approximately one and one half mile). Then make a right hand turn onto Frey Road . Travel approximately one half mile east on Frey Road until you come to a curve. Park anywhere on the curve. There are no signs indicating that you are at the trailhead.