Holden Reservoir Area

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Paxton/Holden, MA
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Additional Notes/Directions:

Entrance to this area is at the end of Howard Street. Technicaly this is in Holden but you can only enter it from the Paxton side. From Worcester, take 122 North into Paxton. About two miles after seeing the entering Paxton sign, take a right onto CAMP ST. Follow Camp street all the way down until it ends. Take a left onto Howard Street (this is dead end dirt road). At the very end of this dirt road you will see some new houses and a gate in the woods. Park here and walk past the gate and you will be on all the can go straight from this point or take an immediate left where you will see the red trail...follow the red traii for some great snowshoeing, but it will eventually hit a green trail and a white trail.....all the trails are great and you can get lost in here for hours, great terrain, very picturesque. Great for snowshoeing or hiking in general.